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“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential.These are the keys that open the door to a person’s excellence”

拼十斗牛安全棋牌While numbers do not mean anything, it is easier to quantify success in the numbers that our students have marked as milestones for the School and for the future batches. They surely speak of the hard work and toil put in by the students.

Ecole Globale International Girls’ School is ever proud of its girls who shatter their own records every time they step into the battlefield of academics. With a high desire to beat the mediocrity, the students take the extra mile each passing year to achieve heights. The last few years have seen Ecole Globale succeeding by leaps and bounds in their respective Board Examinations, held in classes X and XII.

拼十斗牛安全棋牌Highlights of the most recent Class X CBSE Results are as follows:

The overall performance stood at an aggregate of 83%, which was much higher than the last year’s average result. The School has seen a continuous rise in its all-round performance, which speaks of progress by itself.

A staggering 90% students scored 90% and above individually in various subjects.A decently good 30% of the students stood in the 80% -90% bracket. The highest in this order, 30% of the total students managed to bag a score of 90% and above.

Some of the topmost performers from Class X were :

TOPPER -Sejal Agarwal topped with 98.8%,

Rijul Mehta with 97.8% and Sondarya Singhal with 95.4%.

拼十斗牛安全棋牌Our Ecoliers didn’t cease to make us proud after the successful results of Class X. The declaration of Grade XII CBSE results added more feathers to the Ecole Hat!

The School recorded an aggregate score of a robust 84.7%, which was again, much escalated as compared to the previous year’s aggregate result. The students that continued to make us proud were :

TOPPER – Diawa Imchen with 98.5 %,

Palak Godara with 96.6%

and Vanshika, who scored 96.6%.

拼十斗牛安全棋牌The overall result of Class XII had the following highlights:

40% of the students who appeared for the exam scored 90% and above.

拼十斗牛安全棋牌40% of the students are in 80% -90% bracket.

拼十斗牛安全棋牌90% students have scored 90% and above in individual subjects.

Among the top girls’ boarding schools in the country, Ecole Globale has scaled up in terms of results and is slowly gaining the top spots among the best girls schools and best boarding schools in the country.